What is MergerMetrics.com?

MergerMetrics.com is a web-based tool specifically designed to meet the complex needs of M&A researchers. We provide analysis on the key aspects of merger agreements that are highly negotiated, including the deal protection mechanisms. Our powerful search functionality quickly and easily identifies precedent transactions and provides immediate access to important language from within the merger agreement, as well as the related SEC documents used in the research of the transaction. This unprecedented level of data transparency is unmatched in the industry and provides immediate access to all source materials.

Selected features include:
  • Over 150 searchable and reportable data items focused on the qualitative aspects of M&A transactions
  • A continuously updated database, reflecting the most current information available
  • Search functionality on specifically negotiated deal protection mechanisms and merger agreement provisions
  • Unprecedented data transparency to all key documents used in the research of each transaction, including merger agreements, proxies, press releases, stock voting agreements, tender offer documents, etc.
  • Our revolutionary Research Navigator, which combines the product’s glossary with innovative site navigation tools
  • Key word and phrase search functionality, including proximity searching, against our repository of transaction related documents
  • A library of profile and columnar report in HTML, PDF, Excel and Word
  • The ability to create and save custom reports
  • Client and project code tracking for allocation and billing
  • Superior 24-hour customer support
Sample applications include:
  • Preparing for negotiations
    • Quickly evaluate the deal protection terms of recent transactions negotiated by a specific investment bank, law firm or attorney
    • Compare the language of specifically negotiated terms from the merger agreement, such as the Superior Proposal and Material Adverse Change definitions
  • Identifying precedents
    • Find examples of deals that contain or do not contain specifically negotiated merger provisions, such as:
      • Force the vote provisions
      • Fiduciary termination rights
      • Fiduciary outs
      • Market check solicitation (Go Shop) provisions
      • Voting agreements or stock option agreements
      • Collars
      • Walkaway provisions
      • Transactions involving controlling shareholders
  • Monitoring market trends
    • Analyze the most recent advisor fees, including links to the underlying fee description from the proxy or tender offer documents
    • Analyze current termination and reverse termination fees payable, including links to the termination fee section of the merger agreement
  • Evaluating post-deal structures
    • Easily compare post-merger ownership with board representation in the combined company
    • Identify transactions based on management position allocation, such as whether the CEO position in the combined company will be filled by the target or acquiring company
  • Create deal document books
    • Easily compile PDF books containing key deal documents, including:
      • Merger agreements for precedent transactions
      • Voting agreements
      • Stock option agreements
      • Tender agreements
      • Tender offer documents
      • Proxies
      • Press releases

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